Dissolving Into Light

by Peter Wright



An album that very nearly became my first vinyl LP, an honour that eventually fell to Bright Failing Star. Luckily another option for this came along soon after as I think it's one of my favourite albums from what is now known as the artist's UK Period (!).

An original idea for this record, which explains the location of some of the field recordings, was to do a abstract deconstruction of the Beatles' Abbey Road LP. What this meant in essence was that I took an early version of this master which was timed to be exactly the same length as Abbey Road, and inserted 17 index points to match the length of the songs on the original LP. Mixed throughout were location recordings made at Abbey Road - not the studio of course, but literally on the side of the road itself.

In the end this idea became a little too 'conceptual' for my tastes and I reverted to type - but most of the recordings have survived in slightly altered forms on this eventual release.

The original edition of this album came out in 2010 in a box with a small booklet and extra CDrs (see Folksongs And Blackness and 611 Florida Ave). A third disc was a DVD of films I'd made to go with the tracks on this album, which I haven't reissued yet but aim to someday. Only 100 copies of the box were made, 50 with the DVD.

Comes with a printable high resolution pdf of the sleeve art and the booklet.


released February 19, 2012

Recorded by Peter Wright, Streathbourne Road, London, March - July 2007. Guitars, Bulbul Tarang, Voice, Laptop. Street location recordings from Abbey Road, other outdoor recordings from Streatham Common.

Mixed and mastered January 2010, Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Originally released as a limited edition CDr boxset with bonus discs (Striate Cortex) 2010.

Distant Bombs 230



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Peter Wright Lyttelton, New Zealand

Est. 1969. Specialists in layered fragments of guitar, environmental recordings and electronic effects.

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