by Peter Wright



The first album released under my name, now available again after many years in the out of print wilderness.

Why not use another name other than my own? Now it seems somewhat strange given that there is once again a trend of bestowing solo projects with a moniker. At the time however, it made perfect sense as this record represented a shedding of many layers of prefabricated artiface that I'd spent the best part of the previous decade developing under various often ridiculous and self parodying project names. Much of that music was truly awful overwraught nonsense and thankfully no longer available, but there are some glimpses for the very brave and foolhardy on the kRkRkRk bandcamp page: krkrkrk.bandcamp.com

This was a reasonably new sonic approach for me, although perhaps not so new to anyone familiar with NZ guitar noise like Surface of the Earth or the Dead C circa Harsh 70s Reality. By stripping back to simple improvised guitar drones and feedback, vocals non-existent bar occasional mumbled snatches of phrase, and most significantly, the disposal of programmed rhythms and any semblance of a rehearsed structure, it appeared to me to be some kind of rebirth.

So a far more determined and considered project name was required - which I completely failed to come up with, so I just used the one my mother gave me, and have done since for anything that fits the general creative model this recording initiated.

LP was initially released on Apoplexy as a 12" lathe in an appallingly limited edition of something like 25 which I offloaded fairly smartly. It was reissued about 6 months later on CDr with extra tracks before disappearing altogether until now. This version contains the original track sequence of the 12" with completely new artwork available as a PDF bonus.


released August 1, 2015

Recordings by Peter Wright. Guitars, Amplified Violin, Shortwave Radio, Voice, Nail Punch, Analogue and Digital Effects, Environmental Recordings.

Recorded and mixed at Otley Street Christchurch, 1998. Environmental recordings taped in Berlin, December 1997.

Original release on Lathe 12” & CDr [Apoplexy, 1999].

Distant Bombs 120



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Peter Wright Lyttelton, New Zealand

Est. 1969. Specialists in layered fragments of guitar, environmental recordings and electronic effects.

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